Why a Honeymoon Destination is all About Passion as Nick Swisher Opts for Afghanistan

As the day of your wedding draws near, you must be debating on the best destination for your honeymoon. Indeed, having a great honeymoon means beginning your new life with renewed inspiration. And you don’t want to make a mistake in choosing your classic honeymoon destination or you’ll live to hate your hasty decision.

As you decide for your honeymoon destination, you need to follow your passion. Remember it’s all about what you want. You may want to take your holiday to a Hawaii or Miami beach, choose a romantic destination abroad or even follow the steps of Nick Swisher, a New York Yankee outfielder and his wife JoAnna Garcia who have vowed to choose Afghanistan for their delayed honeymoon holiday.

Home or away, make sure your honeymoon is memorable and that you and your spouse will have things to remember for the rest of your life together. But would you really choose Afghanistan for your honeymoon destination?

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