What to do When your Partner Withdraws

So what has happened? You have been relating perfectly well, only to realize that he or she has suddenly lost interest in you and looks withdrawn. Your relationship loses it’s meaning and the companionship you value in him or her is gone. You feel stressed, disturbed and can’t understand the meaning of being in a relationship, wishing he or she would come to their spirits again. The following ideas will rekindle the fire of affection in your withdrawn partner and fetch back the warmth of companionship.

Initiate reconciliation.
It is easy to wait until your partner comes seeking reconciliation. But it seldom works. The best thing you can do to bond with your withdrawn partner is to make the first efforts to restore your lost friendship. There are many styled-up ways to get your partner open up and give you an opportunity to address the root cause of the lost love. You can try to come out of the usual, routine set-ups that often create boredom by having some good moments in a quiet romantic environment. This displays your concern and interest to have back the heart of your withdrawn partner.

Show appreciation.
Appreciation is an amazing bridge to the land of a happy relationship. He or she counts on your word to be there for them when trodden down by tough working schedules, challenges of life or when they just feel out of mood to entertain anything. Give him or her a good press before you leave and a bigger one on coming back. Those hugs may just unlock the streams of joy in your relationship. Make a list of the best things he or she has done in your life and mention them as you talk with your partner. Don’t give vague compliments. Be specific. It shows him or her how much you acknowledge their efforts. Don’t be surprised to see your partner smile again, making sheep’s eyes at you – (eyes of love) and appearing before you as that admirable person you first fell in love with on your initial dates.

Show Concern
Be sensitive to the needs of your partner. One of the best ways to bond with the people we love is to show them how much we care, and to do for them what we would want them to do for us. Don’t wait until he or she has done something for you. Do the same for them and you will have unlocked the stalemate.

Treat your partner as your equal.
The number one dreaded mistake people make in relationships is to try to manage their partners like their workers or like little kids. Let him or her make mistakes without feeling condemned or having to always look behind their shoulders to see whether you are anywhere near. That is the best way to have him or her grow towards the peak of your relationship. You micro manage them and you become a stumbling block towards the space and freedom they need to mature into a blissful relationship.

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