What Buying Men Gifts Means to Relationships

There is no doubt that giving gifts is one way of showing your measure of love to the recipient. And we always want as much as possible to go for the most creative gifts or if we can afford, the most valuable ones. However what matters when buying men gifts is not the value of the gift or how much time you spend hunting for the item. It’s about the treasure of love you have heaped in your heart for him.

Buying Men Gifts
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Giving gifts is not only meant for kids. Neither should it be a preserve of dating, when everyone wants to look for a cute gift for a boyfriend or girlfriend. Everyone feels good to receive gifts from the persons they love.

If you have a man in your life and you want to show him how much you love him you can go ahead and buy him a gift to represent your affection. Most people think men don’t appreciate gifts. But men do need and in fact they appreciate gifts just like anyone else – perhaps even more than women and kids.

Buying Men gifts Means Appreciation

By nature, men are supposed to be the ones supplying to their families. The fact that your husband, boyfriend or dad has that inborn ‘giving’ attitude makes him an automatic giver. And it’s not a matter of choice but nature.

But being human, a man would also want to have someone recognize his instinctive act of openhandedness. That’s why every man feels proud to have a wife or daughter or even a son buy a choice gift as a way of appreciating his inherent giving efforts.

A few years back when my daughter was about five years old, I bought for myself a lovely pair of shoes. I must confess I really liked it. I was working inside my home office as she played outside with her friends. Then she saw a stranger passing by and according to her, he didn’t have good shoes.

She rushed to the house and without anyone’s knowledge or consent picked the chic shoes from the rack and ran after the guy who didn’t have ‘good’ shoes. She later came and reported it to me, joyfully – “Daddy, I gave out your shoes…” May be she thought daddy should also provide shoes for everyone.

The guy was lucky I didn’t know how far he’d gone or the route he’d followed. :-). What I’m saying here is that, like this little girl reasoned, men are supposed to naturally provide. So when they are honored back with well-thought, emotion-attached gifts – no matter how big, small, cheap or pricey, they feel appreciated.

Buying Men Gifts Means Connection

Buying men gifts is one way to show connection in a relationship. A lot of men are running up and down trying to make ends meet, sometimes engaging in two to three jobs (Of course many women as well), a holiday or an anniversary comes and he wants to reconnect with the family and friends he has not have had time for due to work commitments.

That’s the time he needs someone to get him a choice gift to renew family or friends connections. Not just a gift from the stores but even a well premeditated intimate relationship. Some researchers on psychology of giving gifts found that Men who are the most generous enjoy greatest intimate relationships with their wives.

Follow your Emotions when Buying Men Gifts.

Men are different than women when it comes to giving gifts. They are more concerned about the price of a gift than anything else. On the other hand women are more concerned about the emotions tied to a gift than its cost. The most important thing when buying men gifts is going for items that appeal to your emotions.

That doesn’t mean that you go for a gift costing you an arm and a foot. What is more important is not the gift or its value but the person receiving it. Men will appreciate anything given out with love. Just remember to add some personal connection to it, like personalization into what he adores or something both of you can relate with. Never mind that they don’t show their emotions openly. After all, the one who gives feels more accomplished than the one who receives.






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