Warning Signs Husband, Boyfriend’s Cheating on You

You have been enjoying every bit of your relationship with your boyfriend or a husband and all has been well. But you’ve lately started noticing some signs of betrayal. You highly suspect that your husband or boyfriend’s cheating on you. And this is something you don’t want to take lightly.

What are some of the signs that have led to your suspicion that a man you’ve given all your heart and a long-term commitment is seeing someone else? May be you’re right or may be you’re just overreacting. Nevertheless, if some of these signs are present in your relationship, then you could be right that he your husband or boyfriend’s cheating on you. You definitely need to act fast instead of waiting to react when it’ll be too late for you.

Signs Boyfriend's Cheating
Warning Signs Boyfriend’s Cheating on You

Has he Suddenly Become Overprotective of his Gadgets?

One way that could have led to suspicion that your partner is having an affair would have to be the way he handles his mobile phone or his PC. You have a cause to worry if for instance you freely shared the phones and he has recently started to carry his phone everywhere he goes. It’s a red flag if he makes sure his gadgets are on protective ‘security codes’ that he wouldn’t reveal to you or to anyone.

Does he, for instance, excuse himself to answer some calls or seek some privacy to make certain calls? Is his phone mostly switched to silence mode especially when in your company? Does he appear to panic when answering some calls and talks out of context? Like, if you can overhear the female pitch from the other side, but he keeps on answering, “sir” or MR Smith…? Be ware.

Changed Email and Social Media Passwords

Although social media is one of the most powerful tools in our today’s world – ideal for business as well as staying connected with friends and family, the same privileges have highly been misused and are causing heartache to many couples. No doubt that both those who are dating and those who are already married are equally feeling the effects of the negative use of the advancing technology.

If your partner has had nothing to hide – he freely allowed you to access his Facebook inbox or his emails and you are wondering why he has resorted to changing his passwords; your guess is as good as mine. He definitely must be having something to hide. He could be ‘inboxing’ with someone he wouldn’t want you to know.

Signs Husband or Boyfriend’s Cheating if he’s Defensive Whenever you Question his Conduct

A guy who has nothing to hide will always be cool to explain his side of the story any time there is a confrontation. On the contrary, a guy who has everything to hide will call you names and even tell you that he doesn’t know what you are talking about, get mad with you and present nervousness and bitter reactions. If he says you are crazy, behaves emotionally and fails to cool down for dialogue then that’s a defensive mechanism that you shouldn’t give in for.

Unexplained or Suspicious Absentia

You know very well that his job doesn’t entail working outside his city or county but he insists on whole weekend trips for some job assignments and he would do anything to fight your idea of wanting to accompany him.

You may be right that your husband or boyfriend’s cheating if he gets furious when you insist on knowing the specific assignments and where he’s going to be putting up. He accuses you resentfully for trying to stalk him or uses a withdrawal mechanism – ideally to avoid further grilling.


Have you ever experienced any of these cheating traits in your partner? We would want to hear from you. Feel free to share your experience with other readers by leaving a comment below.


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