Ideas on Investment in Relationships

Every relationship has its own set of challenges and nobody can claim that their relationships are perfect. However what makes the whole difference and determines the happiness or pain in any relationship lies in the investments spouses are prepared to make for each other. Relationships are like bank accounts. Some are badly broke while others are creditworthy. And if you want to be ‘laughing all the way to the bank’ in your relationship and live happily ever after, then you’ve got to adhere to the principles of investment in relationships.

Investment in Relationships
Family Investments

Good investment in relationships just like it happens in commercial dealings has to be built gradually, with a lot of patience and discipline. Fighting each other and wishing that you married someone else who’d be more compatible than your spouse will not help much. And I’m not suggesting that all couples should fake being compatible. I’m saying that efforts and discipline of investing the best values in your spouse can work even for the most incompatible couples. There are quite a number of things that wise couples do for each other to form solid investments in their relationships, some of which I have outlined here.

Investing in Love

You may have come to realize that you are growing colder in love as you get used to each other than when you got married. Or that there are less hugs as you leave for work in the morning than it used to be some years back. That he often forgets to pick you and you rarely miss reclining on his chest when he sits on the couch in the evening. You are wondering what happened to the “I Love you” texts he’d bombard you with in a day and you may have as well noted that there is little passion between you. If all or some of these things are happening to you, then your relationship may be headed towards the red and it’s the high time you started investing in the ‘expressions’ of love.

Investing in Respect

Respect and love are so closely related that one complements the other. A man who loves his wife automatically earns respect. Likewise a woman who respects her husband automatically invokes his love. Without love she reacts without respect. And without respect he reacts without love – you’d say, a complete crazy cycle. Begin to lay the deposits of love and respect for each other and mutually benefit from the dividends of a happy relationship.


Invest in trust

One of the best ways of dealing with suspicion in a relationship is to respect each other. There’s no substitute for trust in a relationship. Trying to stalk him or her will only create anxiety. Installing a GPS system in his car or a camera in office or house cannot replace trust. There is no doubt that trust is one of the most valuable assets that couples need to make investment in relationships. They need to make deposits for each other if they want to earn dividends of a life with freedom.

Invest in space for one another

Inconsistencies are inevitably present in all relationships. And there are those times that you feel that he or she ought to have done better. But without giving each other room to make mistakes, correct them and gain skills, there can neither be any allowance for growth nor means for building treasure.


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