Top Tips to Have Your Boyfriend Propose Without Delay

A prolonged relationship, without the guy going down on one of his knees to pose the magic question makes the woman silently shiver with uncertainty. The most worrying thing is when she can’t predict whether he is even going to propose after all. I find this concern justified.

While it’s not proper to hurry your boyfriend to come asking for your hand in marriage, you can’t wait for his proposal indefinitely. The clock is ticking, and the last thing you want to happen is to have all your ripe time for betrothal get to dusk and the guy turns to another woman. It’s for this reason I’m obliged to share with you some top tips on how to make his fire of love glow with irresistible passion, and make him come crawling to seek your hand in marriage.

Use feminine (peacock) power

A lot of men are unlikely to be comfortable with women who have high masculine behaviors. No man would feel a burning passion for a woman who litters her stuff all over, leaves her sweaty gym or sport gear everywhere or cares less for good home keeping. A Man’s ego requires a feminine character to straighten up. The last thing a guy wants to see in his girlfriend is a bullying trait. He is likely to feel confident to propose to a girl who smells like a girl, talks like a girl and has a soft feminine touch of a woman in his arms.

Don’t be too available

Waiting for a guy to propose is like hunting a guinea fowl. The best way to do this is to set up a snapping trap at a distance and throw a couple of grains towards it. Then have some more grains inside the caged trap. As the fowl tries to access more grains, he finds himself locked in the cage, where he can’t turn back. A lot of women are giving the guy all the grains on the way, and he can’t have the passion to get ‘boxed’ to propose. A woman posed a question to me, “I’ve been in a relationship with a guy for a couple of years… we have a baby together… we live together…but I don’t know why he has taken all the time without proposing…Will he ever propose?” Now wait a minute. Isn’t this guy getting all that he’d long for in a woman? All sex, a bonus of a baby and cohabitation. This is a typical case of a guinea fowl that has eaten all the grains outside the trap and it may eventually not find the passion to peep into the trap. Make sure he knows what is in store for him but keep his expectations high.

Discover his hidden sense

Basically each one of the the five common senses is a good tool a woman can use to fully win a man’s heart. Be it what he can see in her, touch, smell, the choice words he hears as she speaks or the yummy taste of that occasional, romantic dinner she invites him for. But there is the sixth sense. Do a little study in the dreams of your boyfriend and begin to share them with him. Let him feel that complementing power in you. Most call girls and cheating women use this trick to prey on prominent married men. They use the power of the sixth sense in a man – the desire to have a woman who understands his passion. It may be that simple thing that you don’t have time to accompany him to do, like watching his favorite basket ball or cheering his soccer team.

Lastly remember you want this guy to propose without unnecessary delay. Don’t assume too much

Get to open up and share things concerning a possible life together. Before a guy goes down on one of his knees and poses the magic question, he wants to be sure that you won’t turn him down. Get to discuss things couples do together like the best ways to invest with one’s partner, the type of life in marriage you’d want, how many kids and so on. Let him also know the right time you prefer to have your nuptials. This might be the magic moment you have been waiting for.

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