Top Tips on Best Wedding Gowns

You have been engaged and it’s time to plan for your wedding day. The first thing on your mind as a bride to be is to look gorgeous and stunning with that dream gown you’ve always wished for. Choosing this gown can be quite a task but with the right tips in your hands you can make this exercise as easy while making an excellent choice.

Wedding gown types vary depending on one’s taste as well as the statement you want to make on your wedding day. There are a few steps recommended in shopping for the right wedding gown. First it is important to carry out a research. This will help you acquire a bit of knowledge about wedding gowns, their designs, styles and prices. This information is easily found on wedding websites as well as wedding magazines.

The silhouette of your gown is the first thing your groom will see as you walk down the aisle and you want to make it as memorable as possible. You should choose one that matches your body type as well as flattering your looks. There are various silhouettes that go with the different body shapes. We have the Ball Gowns. These will fit well with any body type as well as compliment one’s looks. Ball gowns come with crinolines which are in built or a slip to support its shape. This may be weighty and require caution when dressing.

There are also the A-lines which have a fitted bodice with a skirt that gently flares to the bottom to form an A shape. They are excellent for those who prefer flaws on the lower body. The Sheaths are fit for women with slim balanced figures. The Empire Waist Gowns compose of a skirt that falls from just below the breasts. It is perfect for a casual, non formal wedding.

It is important to consider your body shape before choosing the silhouette that will bring out the best of you on your wedding day. There are different styles that define the various body shapes. The Hourglass is the kind of a body shape where the hips and shoulders are of the same width. It is said to be the perfect shape and any woman with this shape can pull off any type of silhouette for her gown.

The Apple shape is a rounded figure with hips, shoulders and waist of the same width but slim, well toned arms and legs. This figure will blend well with the A-line skirt. The most common figure among women is the Pear and is the hardest to dress. It is characterized by a large lower body with large hips and a relatively smaller top. Women with this kind of figure should choose a dress that does not emphasize the lower body. The Empire Line Skirts are quite ideal for such.

Finally there is the boyish shape which consists of a small bust, small bottom with no curves hence the name. The color of your gown should also be considered when selecting. If you want to stick to white the bridesmaids can add on the other colors. However other colors that well blend for a gown are pink shades and light blue.

The commonly used fabric for wedding gowns is satin and silk and cannot be avoided in making the choice. One should also ensure right measurements for your gown. With these you are bound to have that gown of your dream.

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