Top Signs You are Crazy With a Man Even Before He Confirms You as His Girlfriend

Dating a man of one’s dreams is undoubtedly one of the most enthralling things in life. And almost all women long for that great moment in their lives. That’s the time you want to imagine that the whole world was made just for both of you, to express and receive the ecstasy of love from the man you want to share the rest of your life with. As you begin to look around, it’s easy to get confused as to whether you are really in love with this or that other guy or whether they are just common friends.

But love is like fire, cough or a rider on a camel’s back. The three can never be concealed no matter how secretive you want it to be. Just like fire will be betrayed by smoke, cough by reflex action and a rider on camel’s back by height so is love betrayed by feelings and the following are some of the most common things that you are really into a man even before he officially announces you are his girlfriend.

That you treat him differently from other men in your life. Love knows how to guard its territory. If you are having a man that you are naturally treating specially and you feel happy about it then you might soon have him confirm you as the woman of his dreams.

You feel jealous to see him in the company of other women, even if they are just colleagues. To some extent love is so jealous and it hates to share what it cherishes with outsiders. If on the contrary you feel nothing when a man you think might one time propose to you is dating other women, that may as well be a sign that your love for him is long gone.

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You want him to call more often even though you feel nervous when he calls. A sign that his voice turns you on and that you feel his calls should not just be ordinary calls. You have assigned him a special ring tone. You want his call to be special to you, and the special tone, may be of your favorite love song confirms it to you.

You are proud to be in his company. You want your other friends both men and women to know that you were taken out for a date last weekend, even if it was just a weekend meeting over a cup of coffee.

You find that you are so often referring to him even in your general chats with your friends. Sometimes they think you are becoming too much with the debate about this guy but you don’t care what they think. After all you just find yourself in the talk about him. And you feel like you shouldn’t be making any apologies for being so much into him.

Have you felt any of these signs lately or any other time in your life? Has it led to or do you think it will lead to a major announcement soon?  Feel free to post views here.

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