Warning Signs Your Boyfriend is Selfish

Not until you have developed deep feelings for a person in a new relationship do you identify selfish traits in them. At first, you may not know what kind of a person your boyfriend is until you have dated him for some time. A month’s duration or more may be enough to tell whether he is or he is not the perfect guy you always dreamed about. After you have learned about your boyfriend’s character then you can easily define and possibly pass judgment on his personality. You may have noticed some changes in behavior where he’s become inconsiderate as days go by. And you may be wondering whether you are sinking into a selfish relationship. Here are some top signs that could help you judge whether your boyfriend is selfish.

At times you feel that you can’t get it out of your mind for those uncountable times that your boyfriend has acted selfish in your presence. You can easily identify your boyfriend as being self-centered if the only thing that comes out of his mouth is ‘me’, when he always talks about himself and the things that he likes or those that he hates in a relationship or life in general. You definitely don’t have to be a rocket scientist to know that such a behavior implies that he is indeed selfish. If your boyfriend doesn’t consider your feelings and opinions at all and he feels that he is the only one who matters.

A selfish boyfriend will always expect a return whenever he offers a favor – kind of scratch my back, I scratched yours. That means that he cannot provide anything for you or his friends if there is nothing he expects in return. He may also say a quick ‘no’ when he is asked to give out something and comes up with a thousand reasons as to why he can’t do it. Most probably, those excuses tend to point to another person’s fault and never at any time will he want to own up his faults. Such a boyfriend is selfish and doesn’t believe in giving more than he expects especially when it comes to paying the bills and meeting other expenses. You may also note that he gives the exact amount of anything he is asked for.

Another sign that may indicate that your boyfriend is selfish is if he makes promises that he won’t fulfill. He may have made them consciously or sub-consciously but never seems to remember. If he remembers then he seems not to care much about them. Or is your boyfriend a type that always remembers and minds elements that only concern him or his relatives?

Lack of empathy may also imply that your boyfriend is selfish. Such a self-interested boyfriend feels that he is always on the right side. And whenever he hurts you, he never apologizes. Your feelings seem to be less important to him. He may want to be listened to at all the times and be given emotional support while he himself only worries about himself and all that concerns him. Is your boyfriend showing any of these traits? You’d better address them and if he can’t listen to you then you can seek professional counselor’s help, for you don’t want things to get out of hand.


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