Top Relationship Killers and How to Avoid Them

Marital relationship is so sensitive. Little things that people easily overlook turn out to be the top relationship destroyers. That’s why spouses ought to employ constant efforts to steer their relationships away from these little but highly destructive issues.

Constant criticism

Constantly criticizing each other is an express way for couples to breed disrespect. Spouses who live under contempt likely lose focus on the goals of their relationship.

Self centered attitude

It’s easy to tell that love is no longer present in a relationship by observing how much sacrifice partners are willing to offer for each other. Happy and loving couples burn their fingers for each other and don’t care how much they’d personally gain in helping their partners.

Lack of trust

May be you remember how things used to work well when you used to trust your spouse. But one day he or she lost that trust and you can no longer count on them to handle money or to be away without cheating on you. Lack of trust kills relationships.

Lack of intimacy

While men are known to crave for intimacy in a relationship, women naturally thirst for love. A little imbalance or misunderstanding around the two issues creates a big confusion that mostly leads to lack of love, dwindling intimacy and sexual dissatisfaction. This expressly kills relationships.


All addictions are dangerous to relationships. Whether it’s drug addiction, alcohol, internet addiction or those explicit movies that you can’t keep your eyes off, you’ll soon realize that you are out of touch with your spouse.

There is no bliss without sacrifice. It’s true that challenging moments will constantly hit your relationship. And some of these killers of relationships will keep occurring between you and your spouse. But the best way is to purpose not to throw in the towel. Make sure you are both open to each other, hold regular discussions and work towards a solution.

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