Top principles on Building a Happy Marriage

Till death do us part is one common thing spouses give in their pledge for marriage, but a happy relationship can be a different thing altogether, deeper than being just a promise. It is a commitment that involves constant efforts by both spouses and a regular evaluation towards achieving the laid down goals. Generally a happy marriage can be achieved by closely observing the following principles. It may not be easy but it is possible.

Be keen to meet your spouse’s basic needs. A couple that selflessly cares for each other’s needs builds a tower of closeness that helps them to defend their relationship against the common challenges of life.

Mutual respect. Respecting each other can be a powerful tool for building a happy marriage. There is no doubt that most cases of infidelity are authored by little acts of disrespect. Treat her like your queen and she’ll treat you like her king. It’s those simple acts of etiquette that keep relationships happy and growing.

Be Prompt to correct mistakes. Faults are inevitable when two individuals, raised in different backgrounds come together to live one dream. But the art of knowing how to correct a mistake when it occurs is a great key to remaining focused to the mark of a happy union. Learn to say sorry when you are wrong.

Have super ways of handling conflicts. Avoid procrastinations and stick to laid down, agreed principles, on handling conflicts when they occur. This is a great way to help spouses to remain united every time there is a disagreement.

Maintain a fulfilled sexual life. A couple that purposes to satisfy each other’s sexual needs have a great way of building a strong relationship. A man who is sexually gratified does not wait to be pushed to do his responsibilities. Likewise a lady who is sexually satisfied is never pushed to love her husband.

Communicate clearly. One way to avoid disappointments is to avoid assumption. Ask questions where he or she is not clear.

Manage your finances well. Poorly managed finances is the pivot of many conflicts in the family. Learn to be accountable to each other, give allowances where possible, especially for a spouse who is wasteful and don’t forget to always make savings. If it rains gold, the wise thing to do is to look for a bucket.

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