Top Honeymoon Destinations in Australia

A honeymoon is a once in a lifetime vacation taken by newly wedded couples shortly after their wedding. There are numerous resorts and destinations which a couple may consider for spending this memorable moment. Before making a selection, a couple should consider their tastes and preferences, otherwise it may turn out to be tricky making up their minds on where to go for honeymoon. Despite this, prior knowledge on some of the best honeymoon destinations would help in choosing an excellent location,  making the honeymoon even more memorable.

Australia is one of the well known places in the world offering a wide variety of captivating resorts and destinations for such occasions as a honeymoon. One of the most toured resorts in Australia is the Whitsunday. It allows visitors to view romantic sunsets over crystal clear waters and balmy moonlight nights under the swaying palm trees. In addition it has several activities such as scuba diving, snorkeling among others which would be adventurous to engage in. The warm weather in Whitsunday provides wonderful experiences for swimming among other activities to the couple.

Another leading honeymoon destination in Australia would have to be The Barossa Valley which is the home to famous wineries such as Penfolds. The rustic atmosphere, beautiful views and calm environment as well as fine foods make the perfect place for a honeymoon. Kimberly is also well known for its breath taking sceneries which include rock polls, spectacular beaches with cool waters. A couple would consider camel riding, strolls along the reefs or four wheel driving among other activities in the resort.

The Four Mile Beach’s warm inviting weather in addition to clear turquoise waters and activities such as kite surfing, sunbathing on white sand and swimming provide an ideal environment for a honeymoon destination. A couple interested in sensuous and relaxing body massage should consider the Daylesford resort which constitutes a number of luxurious spas. In addition there are beautiful and captivating gardens, architecture portraits as well as delicious meals and local wines just perfect for the honeymoon mood.

Queensland’s sunshine coast is full of beaches that are relaxing and stress free. Among others are the mission beach, Melbourne, Thredbo, Sydney and gold coast. All these offer a sunny climate ideal for honeymoons, and immense surfing action, sensational view of the coastal beaches as well as excellent accommodation. Are you planning a wedding and possibly wondering where to go for your honeymoon? Australia is the perfect and memorable place to be.


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