Top Dating Red Flags and Guys You Must Not Date

When it comes to dating, almost all women are concerned about finding Mr. right. Well, no one is perfect and if you are out to find a perfect guy you might end up breaking your heart. Perfection aside, there are things to help you to know that a guy will make a good or a bad partner once in marriage. Here are some of the top red flags to point out in any man before you make any commitments.

He is an abuser

That he always wants to have his way. He doesn’t care about your opinion and he wants you to feel guilty even on his own faults. He is ruthless to animals. He bangs the table and breaks the dishes when you can’t agree. Stay away. He might end up being abusive and possibly harm you.

He is a fanatic

If you are dating a guy with obsessive behavior, may be he is so much in football, baseball or he is a political fundamentalist, then you might end up having a hubby who is never at home. Unless you are equally overzealous then you will live to fight for space and attention.

He’s a perfectionist

Is your boyfriend always very keen on everything? That he wants to control your wardrobe or he is always complaining to vendors and attendants at the supermarkets, bookstores and libraries because what he wants is not perfectly done. His bookshelf or CD’s rack is rarely touched because he must quarrel anyone who ‘tampers’ with it.

He’s coming from a recently broken relationship

It’s likely that a guy who’s recently broken away from a relationship is still under pain. He might only be with you for comfort and might soon break your heart. You don’t want that to happen to you. This is an express red flag.

He is jobless

Don’t make a mistake of settling with a guy who doesn’t have a job and perhaps not even interested to find one. Money matters are very crucial to any relationship. Your success in family investments and property acquisition is possible only with a strong financial foundation.

He Stalks you

He’s always monitoring your movements, he calls your office to just be sure you’re in, and desires to know about every place you visited over the weekend.  Either he doesn’t trust you or he’s obsessed with you and that may not give be a good sign for space and growth of any relationship.

Is there any other dating red flags you feel we’d have included? Have you ever been in a relationship where any of these traits thrived? Feel free to share with us by leaving a comment below.

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