Tips on Handling a New Relationship

New relationships can be both tricky and exciting. You don’t want to misrepresent yourself and at the same time you don’t want to give in too much ground. The keyword for the best way to handle a new relationship is being balanced.

He is not everything you need.

Although having a boyfriend means a lot of achievement, it can be disappointing to expect him to be the center of all that you want to have in life. Give room for disappointments and avoid openly telling him you don’t see his worth in your relationship when he doesn’t turn out to be what you expect him to be.

Limit yourself to introducing him or her by their names.

Introducing your new boyfriend or girlfriend to your peers, colleagues or parents can be tricky. Choosing what title to go by is one confusing thing, especially when you have not made any serious steps in your new relationship. You also don’t want to jump the gun by introducing him as your fiance girlfriend or boyfriend when you are not so sure what direction your new relationship will take. To avoid making any blunder, just introduce him or her by their name.

Avoid Comparing him or her with your Ex, dad or Mummy.

Many young lovers make mistakes by trying to compare their boyfriends or girlfriends either with friends in their previous relationships or their parents. A girl wants her boyfriend to behave like her dad and the guy wants to date a girl who is as caring as his mother. But they are different. Expecting him or her to be like other people you’ve encountered in life will only disappoint you and perhaps break your young relationship.

Be honest.

Avoid being economic with truth about yourself. Information concerning your health, family, job or education is important to your friend as he or she gets familiar with you in a new acquaintance. I still remember a movie I watched a couple of years ago. A guy was fondling his one artificial limbed girlfriend. Amazingly he had not known that one of her legs was false. As he held her, charged with excitement, the artificial limb fell off to the guy’s amazement. The lass leaped away in shame as the guy stared in shock.

Create ample time for your girlfriend or boyfriend.

New friends yearn for each others quality time. It’s important to meet for one on one discussion when there are important issues to be dealt with instead of texting your questions and expecting him to text back his answers or the other way around.

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