Tips on Couples’ Golden Touch – Respecting Money Pt 1

Many people believe that there is a lucky lot with a “golden touch” for money, and it sounds sensible because their money seems to come back to them and all businesses they do seem to thrive with ease. But are these guys magically tailored to draw money to their wallets or are there things they only know and do that others don’t?

One thing that every husband and wife desires to do is to be able to make good money to meet their routinely family expenditure as well as make savings for the future. With regular increase on basic demands of life, beginning from the cash needed for education, paying of bills, taxes, money intended for insurance premiums as well as being able to treat the family to an occasional trip locally or abroad, skills on making money are inevitable.

Although many people think that there are those with magic hands for money, I believe that the secret is vested in respect – yes, respect for money. And this is different from love for money that the holy book says is the root of all evil – 1 Tim 6:10. Just as in relationships, where the magic of enjoying deep love  is determined by spouses ability to respect each other, the  biggest secret in making money and having it work for you depends on how much you respect it.

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