Things You Should Not Forget as a Wedding Photographer

Wedding photography is one challenging field and choosing to engage in it requires a lot of competence considering the couple will only have one photo shoot for their big day. As an amateur in this field acquiring practical knowledge is a necessity so as to avoid too many disappointments during your first shoot or any other. However mistakes are bound to happen but with tips on how to handle them you will be making your way to being a great professional in this field.

It is important to spend time practicing for your first shoot. You can even consider attending a photo shoot session or reading materials concerning the same for exposure. Before the shooting day, ensure that that all the necessary equipments are ready and in place. This includes ensuring your batteries are charged, memory cards are formatted and your spare camera is tested and working in case a backup is required. This saves you from hassles of finding some memory cards have no space in the middle of the shoot or even some uncharged batteries.

Learn how to use diffused light. Know when to use the flash, for instance when the light is low or otherwise use a flash diffuser to soften light. Consider your backgrounds for the shoot. Find favorable and uncluttered areas that are away from direct sunlight. This will give quality photos without having some affected by direct sunlight rays.

Many photographers tend to go through their finished films deleting some of the photos they consider unnecessary or were taken erroneously. However this should never be the case as these may be cropped and manipulated to make very interesting images for the album. Be creative as you make your shots. Having all your shots from one angle may not be as captivating. Consider other angles such as down low, up high or wide angles as they add diversity to your album.

You can attempt group photos which include taking just one shot of everyone in the wedding. This can be achieved by taking it from a high place such as a balcony or from the roof. It is important that you have everyone’s face in the photo to be able to capture as many people as possible in one shot. Setting your camera in a continuous shooting mode comes in handy as one is able to shoot many images at a high speed. One has the advantage of not missing on some swift actions or small details during the occasion.

After the shooting session, it is important to ensure all the memory cards are safe to avoid loss of important data. It is even more risky with digital cameras where all the images are stored in one card. If possible download all the images to a portable hard disk to obtain a copy in case of loss of memory cards.


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