5 Things Women want in men Before Falling in Love

There seems to be so many myths when it comes to dating and things women want in men. Listen to guys talk on how to make women fall in love fast and some of their dating advice will make you laugh tears. No wonder most men are wondering why beautiful women have become so evasive, and why most of the tricks they’ve learned throughout life seem not to work.

Have you been wondering, “What is it that women really want to fall in love?” You may also have tried to use all dating tricks that you learned from back in high school, but you are wondering why you can’t date a woman for more than six months before she coldly walks out on you. Here are some of the most important things women want in guys they want to fall in love with.

1. Think in Terms of Great Styles

Most dating men have all the time believed that, to make a woman notice you easily, you need not style up and that the only thing women want to see is your biceps. Well, while this might work with some women, the fact is, girls are concerned with the ways guys dress and they want men they can trust. She wants a guy she can go out with and feel proud of. She even most specifically wants to see a guy with great color tastes and one who understands different occasions’ styles. That way, you make her confident – just in case you’ll want to surprise her with lingerie for her birthday gift in future or that she can even trust you to choose the cut of her diamond engagement ring.

2. Women want men who can give Compliments

Many dating guys believe that the way to making a woman want to go to bed with you is to pin her down with as many negative things as possible. They think that this will make her feel insecure out there and want to seek for emotional security in them. The truth is – if you make her less secure, she will hate you and look for emotional security elsewhere. Women want men who give specific compliments on things they do well. If you are such kind of a man, then she’ll open up for you – not only her loving heart but everything else as well.

3. Things Women Want: Dating confident men

The last thing dating women want to see are men who can’t stand up their grounds and face them on the face to say what they want. If you have loved her and you really want to ask her out, there are things she least expects from you – even when you have mixed signals whether she’ll agree or not. Avoid using proxy to ask her out. This reminds me of a guy who used to be so timid when facing women that he used to send other single men to announce his feelings. Surprisingly, the guys he sent either forgot to represent him or wanted to teach him a lesson. They’d easily get a long with the girls and even get dates as he waited in the ‘cold’. If you have loved her, then face her with confidence. Don’t text her. Don’t even make a phone call. She wants to see you say what you want face to face.

4. Things Women Want: Men who care to Build a Relationship – not Just to build a six pack figure

Although things women want include dating well built men, that one alone will not win her heart. The biggest mistake you can ever make is to concentrate in building your figure at the expense of the relationship. Don’t use all your leisure time at the gym – building your body, and there is nothing wrong with that, but building your relationship first makes sense – at least as far as she is concerned.

5. If you’ve Loved her, let her know – Don’t wait for the Bell

There is a legend about a fisher bird that goes out fishing early in the morning. She’s industrious but she makes one terrible mistake. She doesn’t eat wet fish. So she removes the catch from the water and puts it on the nearest rock to dry and then goes back for another. By the time she comes back, the first one has already dived back into the same water. She repeats the process the whole day, till nightfall – very tedious and frustrating job and if she ever goes home with anything at last, then it has to be the same wet fish she doesn’t like eating.

What I mean with all this is – when you fall in love with a woman, don’t keep her aside, waiting for the opportune time. Grab her attention or you’ll find her taken and live to blame yourself. Women want men who are go getters.


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