Things Men Want from Women but won’t Dare to ask

There are things that a man desires to have from a woman he loves, be it a massage on the back after a laborious day or a gesture that courts a romantic moment. But he may not talk about it. Not because he is a coward but because he is made to be an initiator and a woman a responder.

A man wants to have an honest girlfriend- a girl who speaks her mind out when she is troubled with thoughts or a physical problem. You shouldn’t assume that your guy knows what you want for he is just human. Of course he will be able to see a change in your behavior but he will definitely not be able to read your mind.

A guy will never tell you to be romantic but that’s what he would want when you are together. That is why you should include romance in your actions and he will always want you around him because you are able to read his heart. Don’t be surprised if he likes you when you are eating your ice-cream or even offers to feed you for guys find this to be hot.

Ladies like watching their best movies a thousand and one times and always want their boyfriends to join them. Repeating the same thing over and over again becomes boring for men but your guy will find it hard to tell you this.

A guy would hate to see his girlfriend continue adding weight while on the other side he’s trying to keep fit. If your guy likes going to gym or he’s so much into fitness, don’t wait for a request to join him.

Guys like girls who are fun to be with and those full of live but they may not say it. You don’t expect your guy to be the only one making jokes all the time. You should also tease him at times and let him guess what he has to say. That would really impress him and you can be certain that you will always be having fun moments together.

Guys love to see their girlfriends serve them with what they like most especially their favorite dish but they will never request for it. You should bake or cook for him what he likes as this will clearly show that you pay attention to his interests.

There is no single guy who will warn his girlfriend to stop flirting with other men whether it is your best friend or any other male friend. Guys really get hurt and feel insecure when their girl have such a behavior so you should be keen and guard your relationship with your boyfriend as well as other male friends.

Once you start dating a guy, it is good to accept his offer when he pays the bills but after dating for a while, it would be nice if you also pay for all the bills at least once.

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