Things Guys Should Not Tell Women on The First Date

Meeting your new love comes with heaps of excitement. But it can also be a bit nervous. You are not so sure where to start, and you fear that you might scare her away with your notions. While you handle your new date with caution, there are some things you should totally avoid mentioning to her lest she reads some wrong signals.

Avoid intimate related issues.

Guys have been said to think about sex more than food, sleep and other basic needs. And women have believed this as gospel truth. Try to bring up any intimate related topic and she’ll conclude that your only interest in her is the bed.


Although faith matters are important in a relationship, they should not be introduced on the first date. Your new girl should not think that you are intruding so much in her private life. Spare that for a number of dates unless you have met her for the first time in religious conference.

Medical and health Issues.

Now, who told you she could be suffering from a terminal illness? – a question she’d be silently asking herself as you try to set up a dialogue on health issues. Don’t act like that’s going to be your only date. You are likely to turn her off by being inquisitive or wanting to discuss medical issues. Again, health matters may have very dark and dreadful memories, especially if one had to flash back on a relative they lost to a medical condition. Avoid trending those lines  if you want her to honor your next date.

Steer away from politics

Unless both of you are political analysts, or you are meeting her for the first time in a political campaign, you are better off staying away from the topic. People have different opinions on political matters, and some can be hot. She should not think you are in a mission to conquer her to certain political persuasions.

Don’t insist on getting her cell phone number.

There is nothing wrong to have her phone number but you’d better shelve the idea if you notice any hesitation. You’ll still meet her again as long as the earth remains round. While guys have no problem sharing their phone numbers, beautiful women are cautious (for security reasons) to give their cell phone numbers to men they are meeting for the first time.

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