The strength of a woman

A few years back all the international media kept relaying pictures of internal refugees fleeing from the war torn Congo, as the country plunged in some of the worst witnessed cases of civil war. In one of the stunts a woman struggled with a heavy load on her back. She was laden with what seemed like a bag of cereals and a throng of household stuff, hoping to make something to feed her family once they got to safety or at some place in a makeshift camp.

Gun shots were heard all over and the sounds of desperation filled the air. One thing happened and I could no longer hold my jaws together. A strong man followed the lady from behind. I imagined he was the husband because they fled closely together. But as the guns sounded and the wails of agony echoed from the nearby village, the man sensing danger, and caring for his own life dropped his luggage and ran beyond the woman leaving her to fate. What shocked me was the way this lady kept going, holding onto to her load and risking her life for the sake of her family. I kept on saying, “go mama go…” as she kept her pace, as if she heeded my cheers.

Women are strong, very strong in their hearts. They seldom propagate selfish interests. They are focused and not easily swayed, always willing to put their lives on the fire line for all of us to have a better society. To all women in our lives – A great and a happy International Women’s Day.

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