The Best way to Restore Passion in your Relationship.

Are you living in a relationship that has grown dull and cold, and the fire of your first love has dimmed its one time glowing flames? Are you feeling used to your partner and the attractive force that persistently pulled you to him or her is no more? Do you occasionally feel like the only reason you are still in that marriage is the kids you have sired together? Are you bored, tired, lost the meaning of love and have no passion for each other? I want you to know that you are not alone.

Millions of couples around the world in one way or another get to such moments, where the initial desire for one another melts down and nothing at all looks interesting. But all is not lost, because you can fire up the sparks of love and those one time shimmering flames of romance can begin to glow again.

Avoid stressful moments.

Persistent stress can badly dampen the passion in a relationship. Any time you are under stress, the body produces fight and flight hormone known as cortisol that acts as a defense mechanism.

The positive side of this hormone is aiding the body to withstand the stress by lowering the sensitivity to pain, increasing memory and boosting the energy levels.

The negative side is that if stress becomes a routine the body fails to return to normalcy, giving way to chronic stress. This leaves the body with no other option than to ‘bombard’ the blood stream with high levels of cortisol, opening an avenue for a number of disturbing conditions like high blood pressure, blood sugar imbalances, poor immune system, general tiredness, and reproductive dysfunctions among others.

That’s not a very good state to be in, as far as building a romantic and passionate relationship is concerned. Because you don’t want to get there, make sure you manage your stress well.

Avoid overworking.

The desire to make money and the anxiety to have more (sometimes opting for two or more jobs) is one of the major threats against fulfilled, passionate relationships. This affects the quality time the couple needs to build an affectionate relationship.

Overcome the state of ‘no longer feeling sexy’

It’s common for women to add some weight after child birth or naturally somewhere in their middle life. This should not make a woman to disqualify herself as not being a perfect partner for her husband. The feelings of not being so sexy are false and should not be entertained. The husband needs a responder to his love and that is why she should never be inhibitive for any reason. If he still likes your shape, why should you disqualify yourself.

Overcome the slowed passion.

Unlike men, ladies need more artistic ways to build their passion for perfect and fulfilled love. Their passion for making love glows slowly like coal or an electric cooker. Not like men whose desire burns rapidly like chaff. Men who have trained themselves for love know that the best way to fall in love at 11:pm is by launching the warm-up at day break.

Don’t give in to low sex drive.

There are so many ways for enhancing libido in both men and women. There are even healthy natural diets to help boost sex drive and build relationships as I have discussed here.
If such a condition is arising as a medical condition then it’s advisable to seek the necessary medical care.

Don’t forget to maintain friendship, at whatever cost.

This is the bottom line for a passionate, affectionate and an admirable relationship. Give gifts with love. Create surprises for one another. Break boredom of the things that you may have done in the same, same way, year in year out.

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