Teen Brides Likely to Suffer From Mental Illnesses – Study

We cannot debate that maturity is one of the most important things a bride or a groom is expected to achieve before thinking of settling in marriage. A newly married couple begins to run their own lives with self responsibility becoming a major necessity.

There has been increased teen marriages, with about ten per cent of women in the United states getting married under the age of eighteen. Such an age is  thought to court many problems associated with mental strain due to increased responsibility at a tender age.

A recent study showed that women getting married at ages below eighteen were likely to suffer from mental illness including depressive disorders and present some antisocial characteristics as well as getting dependent on nicotine among other mental health issues. The research conducted on 19000 women showed that 53 percent of those who got married below the age of 18 suffered from at least one disorder as opposed to their counterparts choosing to wait until the age of 18 or above. Those in the later category had only about 49 percent present at least a condition.

Although the study claims age is the most responsible factor for mental health conditions, there are other factors that are likely fostering the depressive conditions and other mental health presentations. The young brides are also likely to give birth when they are still too young, a factor that would significantly affect their health.

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