Why You are not Winning Women Hearts

Meeting a new woman and getting her to accept your request for the first date is one thing.Indeed every man feels proud to get there. But keeping her attracted to you is totally a different thing. You may have been wondering why you are having such a high turn over of exes and why you are not winning women hearts. You can’t tell why women are reluctant to get committed for a long relationship with you.

If you never get to date any woman for more than six months and you are wondering why girls are dumping you, then you may have to re-think your dating etiquette. You’ve got to correct the off-putting behaviors common with many men that might have been turning attractive women away from you.


Why Men are not Winning Women Hearts
Poor Dating Techniques

Women are always careful when it comes to committing to a long term relationship. She wants to be certain that she’s giving her long term investment to a man who deserves it, not just by being socially or economically compelling but also holding to exemplary etiquette.

Most men have either unknowingly or by assumption ignored this part, resulting to losing relationships after just a couple of dates. These are some of the habits a lot of men ignore and fixing them will definitely fix your next date and get you to start winning women hearts for a possible long term relationship.

Are you fond of Picking in, Rubbing Around your nose or your Private Parts?

No doubt that observing good manners are some of the basic lessons we learned from our mothers and our nursery school teachers, but we all pick habits on the way, some of them too awful to allow breeding of love.

You may have noticed that bad manners hibernate when you are meeting new people and creep back shortly after getting used to them. So if you have a picky finger that keeps on exploring around your nose, groin or your bottom and you are losing women within months after knowing them, you don’t need more enemies of your love.

Some Reflex Actions Turned into Mannerisms

Yawning, coughing and hiccups come unannounced and you may have little control when they occur. Sometimes it’s not even a reflex but you just find you are used to yawning incessantly – especially when idle or just as a mechanism to conceal something.

What counts most however, is the way you’ll behave in the presence of your girlfriend like when you are tired and ambushed by persistent yawning. She definitely doesn’t get impressed with looking at your open mouth all the time and it’s always wise to cover yourself or at least excuse yourself.

Clearing your throat and Spitting Around Choke Women

If you are often doing this in her presence then you shouldn’t be surprised that you’ve not been winning women hearts. You might think it’s not a big deal because she has never complained about it. But this  might soon give you a rude shock when she eventually walks out on you without even giving a reason for doing so.

Good Grooming Critical for Winning Women Hearts

Good grooming can not be over emphasized. Women want to be close to a guy who smells good. Going to a gym is a wonderful thing – may be you want to impress her by working on your six pack – given, but you don’t have to remain sweaty and smelly to a woman you want to impress.

It’s important to take care of your body odor, bad breath.  Always change your socks to avoid smelling feet. For persistent body odors you can use your choice of deodorant to keep fresh especially during hot weather.

Take care of your clothes. Make sure they are well dried up and ironed before wearing them. Avoid wearing torn clothing including your underwear even if you don’t expect her to see it yet. You might faint and the first aid specialist is prompted to lessen your outer clothing 🙂

Have you ever walked out of a relationship due to your boyfriend or girlfriend’s bad behaviors or have you been in such a relationship and managed to overcome? Other readers would want to hear from you. You can share your views by leaving a comment below. 

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