Special Edition Evoque Victoria Beckham Thinks Both Men and Women Should Drive

Special Edition Evoque for Both Men and Women
Special Edition Evoque

Special Edition Evoque is arguably the trendiest surprise that the British award-winning fashion designer, Victoria Beckham has pulled off the bay – not in the fashion industry this time but in the car designs. The new special edition of Range Rover’s off-road vehicle is one of a kind that features exclusive hand-finished matt paint – the first to be seen for a land-rover kind of vehicles. Mrs. Beckham says she had her husband in mind when coming up with the Evoque design, adding that she’s always been true to herself and that she has purposed to design a car that she would want to drive and one that she thinks her husband, David would want to drive too.

“I’ve designed a car that I want to drive – a car that David wants to drive” the celebrated fashion designer shared her feelings behind the new car design with Reuters in an interview at Beijing where she made a graceful appearance to help promote the new special edition of Range rover’s off road division. Dressed in a chic sleeveless striped dress from her own design collections, Mrs. Beckham went on to say that she likes every thing she does. She said that she considers herself so blessed to do a job that she loves and just like she would want to wear a dress that she has designed, she would definitely drive the Evoque. The former spice girl thinks that though women will like this car and that they would want to drive it, the new special edition has a masculine edge, which she finds to be a very cool aspect.

Many would want to know what really inspired Victoria Beckham to come up with the special edition Evoque features such as the hand-finished matt paint, the rose gold accentuation on the grill as well as gloss black forged alloy wheels. Then there’s the most awe-inspiring inside’s conventional looks – the vintage inspired leather seats, gold-plated accentuation and trimmings of black sheen and engraved aluminum. When asked what got to inspire her to come up with all these vintage features, Beckham said that she wouldn’t pinpoint one particular thing. “It’s just what I like, that’s the bottom line”, she explained that she is not trying to be technical about it but attributes it to what feels real to her life.

The special edition Evoque with luxurious accessories including a 4-piece leather luggage set and a hand-made leather wallet for the owner’s manual bearing Victoria Beckham’s signature will be selling at a whooping price of 80,000 pounds – an equivalent of $129000


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