Simple Romantic Things to Keep Your Relationship Fire Aglow

Most relationships are seen to grow dull with time and couples tend to pull each other apart when they are most expected to grow fonder. You might have been worried that your relationship is losing fire and the romance that used to tingle your veins is no longer felt. Well you are not sailing in this boat alone. There are many couples in the world that have been feeling the same. But the most important thing is to know that you can re-ignite the fire of your relationship and that you can revamp the romance you experienced when you first met your partner.

One of the top reasons that is blamed on dimmed relationship fire is when couples get used to each other. May be you’ve been working in the same environment with your spouse, perhaps in that family business that you have to run together every day. The efforts you try to put in that family enterprise is not even being appreciated, despite that your spouse is well updated on the things you have had to sacrifice to keep things running. You may be feeling justified for a pat on your back or for a treat at a romantic resort to rekindle the sparks of your relationship. You are right to feel so. But hang in there for I have some simple things that you can do to keep your relationship fire aglow.

Squeeze a moment for both of you to be together. It’s not a favor for you to find ample time to be with your spouse. It’s indeed a necessity. Couples who have super ways of getting close and are creative for regular ways of bonding never lose romance in their relationships. This is one of the most unchallenged way of being passionate with one another, not just in the younger years but even in the sunset days of a relationship.

Keep calling your spouse. It doesn’t matter how much you feel used to your wife, husband boyfriend or girlfriend, there’s untold magic in that “Hello dear” phone call that you keep on making to them. Let your spouse hear your caring voice on the other side. It reminds them that there’s someone who’s thinking well of them. – especially when they may be late in arriving home and you were calling just to know they are fine. This reminds your partner of those lovely moments when you kept calling each other, even when you really didn’t have anything to warrant a call – sometimes late in the night just to say “Good night”

Write romantic phone texts. Romantic couples have a unique way of passing communication to each other. Sometimes they say a lot with just a text message sent with a tone of love. Let him or her know how much you love them by a simple phone text. But keep it creative, design your own language of love that even before he or she reads your text, the myrrh and scents of love will fully engulf their senses. Who said those are habits only reserved for those who are dating.

Begin to see the positive side of your partner – even when the negative side appears dominant. With time you’ll overcome the wrongs by turning to the best your spouse boyfriend or girlfriend excels in. Don’t be tired in giving compliments.

This may appear simple and indeed is but they are the simple things that spouses can keep on doing one to the other to keep the fire of their love burning.

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  1. julia

    Wow, good content! Well articulated and I have felt like I’m falling in love all over again. Keep writing such stuff Alphan.

    1. Great to know that you found this helpful Julia. We all need counsels of this standard to keep our relationships alive. You are always welcome to have your say or contribute to what others are saying.

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