Signs That Your Partner is Ready for a Serious Relationship

There comes a time in any new relationship when things start getting serious. But before you can fully know whether he or she is ready for a serious relationship, you’ll notice a number of signs confirming that he or she is the one. You gradually begin to notice that things are beginning to change. They progress from those fun and somewhat casual dates to a more meaningful relationship.

But this may take a while before you finally start making sense of it, of course based on dynamics of one relationship to the other. You may still be a bit doubtful about his or her commitment, and still feel butterflies in the stomach when you meet them. Nonetheless, some revealing signs will soon occur, making you begin to feel like the whole thing is changing to a serious relationship.

If you’re still a bit mystified by the state of the relationship you have with your partner, and you can’t tell whether it will end up in a proposal and perhaps marriage, then here are some of the most probable tell-tale signs that your newly found love is slowly turning into a real thing and that your significant other is now looking forward to settling down with you.

You Share secret Access Codes

It’s a strong show of progress that you’re getting into a serious relationship with your girlfriend or boyfriend if you’ve already started sharing important access codes, such as phone codes, or you swipe your cards in each others’ presence without being too cautious of revealing your PIN.

It’s Turning in to a Serious Relationship if you both talk About future plans

If you’re always talking about things you’d want to achieve together, such as investment, family matters, where you’d want to settle down, a dream home, car and so on. You’ll also know that things are now getting serious if you’ve started referring to yourselves as “we” in your conversations, and you’ve to check on each other’s plans before making your own plans for the weekend and so on.

You Enjoy Watching a Movie Series Together

It’s a sign of seriousness and commitment in a relationship for you as a dating couple to find ample time to be together to watch a series, more so when it remains interesting to both of you to the end. This will even be more telling when none of you feels as enthusiastic to watch it without the other.

You Freely Share your Photos Online

It’s a plain tell tale sign that you and your newly found love are crossing the threshold to a serious relationship if you no longer mind sharing your photos on your online platforms, such as Facebook or Instagram . This means you’re no longer worried that you might end up in a breakup and that your friends or followers for instance would start asking what happened.

You feel Comfortable with him or her

You’re more than usually free with him or her and no longer feel uneasy when he or she is around. He or she can burp or fart in your presence and you just look at each other on the face and perhaps laugh about it without anyone of you taking offence or feeling embarrassed.

You’re not Afraid to Portray Affection in Public

Displaying affection in public is one clear sign that you and your partner are not just in a ‘feel good’ relationship. I’m not talking about those almost unintended strokes or brushing of shoulders as you walk on busy pathways. I’m referring to those conscious, friendly affectionate gestures, such as holding hands, embracing, kissing and so on. The fact that you’re consciously willing to let the public know that you love each other is a good sign that lights are turning green for a long term relationship.

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