Shouting at your spouse, girlfriend or boyfriend could get you thrown out of home and kill a relationship

Shouting at each other between spouses, boyfriends or girlfriends is an offense under domestic violence and family law in some countries. The penalty imposable for raising your voice at your beloved spouse, boyfriend or girlfriend may be as serious as getting you thrown out of your home. Well, illegal or not illegal, getting bundled out of your home or not, shouting at your spouse, boyfriend or girlfriend is a high degree of disrespect.

Nothing feels more demoralizing than looking at the person you love lose his or her cool, yelling, getting rowdy and sometimes uttering words he or she would live to regret. It’s even more disturbing when it’s done in the presence of kids.

Using the art of a gentle voice in settling an argument is a sign of maturity. A gentle voice displays much courtesy, wisdom and self control. It’s good to learn to use a soft voice when addressing your spouse or fiancé and you will be able to win him or her even on the most volatile issues. Sometimes anger may be justified, but controlling your voice can help to save your relationship.

You can still be soft and firm, without necessarily getting rowdy, hitting the table with fists or banging the doors. The best way to avoid shouting at each other is to move out of the cause of anger for some time and come later to address your issues when tempers have cooled down. You might need to take a short walk and engage your thoughts in other positive things. Try a smile as you walk around. Anger fears a smiling face.


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