Secrets of Bliss for a Happy Couple

Nobody gets married because they want to be sad. You married that girl or that guy because you wanted to be happy with them. While we all agree that it’s a lovely thing for every couple to be happy, the hard reality is that there are so many married couples who are today regretting the decision of their choice for a man or woman for marriage.

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I’m aware that it’s not easy to always excite the other person in your relationship and I’m not suggesting that it requires an easy solution for both of you to live a happy life as you chase the bliss. But it’s incumbent upon each one of you as a couple to take action every time you feel like there is no more passion and when both of you can attest that love is no longer present in your relationship.

A broken heart ought to open up for ideas that can bring back the healing even when the involved action doesn’t seem easy. It’s true that marriage is a long haul of a journey and only those who are willing to patiently give their spouses space to make mistakes (even when that badly breaks your heart) will see the bliss.

Love and passion may be sweet words in our tongues but it will take a couple a selfless behavior, even if it means each one of them getting out of their way to make sure that those words are  actually realized in their relationship.

There are some simple, yet very powerful and proven things you can do to spice up  love in your relationship, and you can be sure your union will never lack passion again.

1. Show Respect

Respect is a fundamental value in any relationship and very few couples (if any) will be able to live together without respect for each other. Lack of respect drives away passion and easily leads to straying or for those who want to bite the bullet and endure, they do it with all bitterness and pain of brokenness of hearts. If you want to bring out the youthful passion of the guy that you fell in love with and want him to respond to your presence with passion, then you’ve got to show him how much you respect him. Likewise, let that woman know that you regard her and you’ll begin to feel the warmth of her undiscovered beauty.

2. Give gifts

True love is better explained with actions better than with words. You may sing chords of music to your wife or your husband, telling them about the love you have for them but it’s until you are able to sacrifice some resources and get them a gift however big or small, that they will begin to dance to your love song.

3. Say Sorry

It may not be easy to honestly tell the other person that you are sorry for wronging them. Even children (who we think should be saying sorry) don’t take it lying down. A happy couple not only tells each other that they are sorry for their mistakes, but they also admit when they are wrong.

4. Appreciate your spouse in public

There is no better way to bring out the sense of worthiness in your partner than letting him or her know how much you regard them before other people. Whether in a gathering or at home before the kids, let everyone else see your acts of etiquette towards the person you love.

5. Surprise your love

A relationship that is used to habits and rats, generally being used to the same old way of doing things suffers a slow death. You don’t want your relationship to get there.

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