Saving Your Relationship From A Break Up

If you have been in a break up before it’s obvious you know the pain and hurt that comes with it. After a break up one may move on or even live with the pain forever. Most break ups result from ignorance of the couple. You can see it coming but you do nothing about it and then it’s suddenly over between you two. If you are in a relationship that seems to be heading down that break up road then you better watch out before it’s late.

Before you learn how to avoid that break up between you and your partner, it is important to know the things that would lead to breakups. Above all other things a break up will occur due to loss of attraction to each other. In other words when the attraction is less than the ex forces in your lives. These forces include lack of communication, time and distance, ex lovers as well as infidelity. When these factors dominate your relationship then it is not bound to last.

The first step to ensuring you don’t have to undergo the break up is to make sure you get the right partner in terms of the character and your expectations. Many people go for the wrong matches and end up with disappointments in future and possibly land into break ups. Getting the right person ensures you reduce the regrets about your decision in the future.

You need to engage in activities that will rekindle the attraction that drew you to be together. Do things to value, show appreciation and love for each other. Never take your partner for granted but instead create passion with each other as this will sustain the attraction you once felt. Be the person your partner fell in love with and any change should be positive.

Deal with challenges facing your relationship. These are the things that will eventually lead to a break up hence need to be tackled when they arise. They range from trust issues to infidelity, jealousy and insecurity among others. Talk about them to clear doubts or clarify issues. This will only be possible if you have established a good communication channel between you and your partner. Be friendly in your talks, avoid self defensiveness or anger during conversations as this will never solve your issues.

Old fears from past relationships can greatly affect your relationship to the extent of a break up. These may include fears of rejection, not being beautiful or attractive enough or even financial insecurity. These lead to feelings of insecurity and withdrawal and may be disturbing to your partner. It is important to allow yourself healing and get over these feelings when they resurface or they will be a great barrier to a happy relationship.

Acknowledging each others’ expectations in a relationship is an important aspect to avoid the break up. This saves you from conflict and disappointments that arise when either of you assumes the other person’s expectations of the relationship. Know what your partner wants for both of you and talk about your future plans avoiding assumptions that the relationship will run itself normally.

Finally, keep things fresh in the relationship. Being unpredictable, having fun and ever pleasant, you will never have the fear of facing the break up. Let your partner never find a reason to break up with you and you will be journeying to a long lasting relationship.

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