Why Men Don’t Understand Women

Understanding women has never been easy. This is one thing that has left a lot of men baffled, both those who are already in relationships and those who are yet to find someone suitable to date. The more men desire to discover the depths of the feminine nature the more they get absorbed in its intricacy. The following are some of the most common things about the feminine temperament and why men don’t understand women.

She seeks for opinion yet she doesn’t want any solutions

This is one of the most intriguing paradoxes about women. “Why?” Men wonder, “Why would they want us to listen yet they wouldn’t take our advice?” While men are born with a desire to accomplish tasks, find joy in providing solutions and moving to the next actions, women feel more accomplished in discussions than in resolutions.

What women want is less of your solutions and more of your attention to their needs. But balancing between being a listener and being responsive is an art each man should learn, lest she’d again think he is unresponsive. A woman may for instance ask you a question that she already knows the answer to. And not that she wants a better approach to the answer that you know she knows. She’s simply interested in your attention.

Why they take a long time to decide

If she walks into a shopping mall or in a supermarket and promises you she’ll pick a few items and join you shortly, don’t take it literally. Or if you get into a hotel or a restaurant for some quick bite and she doesn’t decide as fast as you may want – you have to bear with her. She’s not being indecisive. It’s just her feminine nature to take time.

Men think women keep resentments for too long

There is no doubt men know how to quickly shake off bitterness and easily put grudges behind their backs. Now, you don’t expect a woman to take it lightly when she is wronged. There are no trivial matters when a feminine character is hurt. They may be the weaker sex but they have strong emotions.

Why would she have several dozens of pairs of shoes?

Men don’t understand women as far as the desire for wardrobe variety is concerned. Well, variety is one thing you can’t take away from a woman. After all, women already think men are color blind as much as they are love blind. And when girls pack their racks with all the types of shoes and their wardrobes with all manner of attire, they are definitely not meant for the eyes of men. They are simply meant to give other women a run for their love.

Why would she be happy with something today and unhappy with the same thing the following day?

Men don’t understand women in regard to dynamics of feminine temperaments. It’s a mystery how she can like one thing today and resent it the other day. Like the tempest waves in the ocean – one time up and the other time diving is one thing that makes a woman different from a man and makes her an interesting character to keep watching. I think life would have been so boring had women behaved like men.


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