Popular Asian Honeymoon Destinations

The Asian region is popular with some of the most beautiful places in the world. If you are yet to decide where to take your new bride after your forth coming wedding, then you need to try some of the most outstanding destinations in the Visayas, one of the most visited region in Philippines. The popular Visayas islands, rich with jaw dropping flora and fauna, always leave visitors asking for more.

The Philippine Visayas region comprises of seven great islands. It all depends on your choice. If you choose to travel south, you find the irresistible Cebu. This is where beauty stands out. From the gorgeous touring sites to the cultured men and beautiful Asian women. Cebu, also nicknamed the Queen City of the South has earned its fame from the rich ancestral heritage and is mostly preferred as one of the best tourist destinations.

Other glamorous destinations in the region are Negros, Bohol, Leyte,  Panay, Samar and Masbate. But the most breathtaking sites are found at Borocay, a small islland at the North West area of Panay. Borocay boasts of all known elements of tropical beauty. Whether you and your new bride want to fancy in the floral paradise, swinging with beautiful tropical palms and different flowering plants or enjoy awesome sunbathing at the sides of crystal blue waters. Then Borocay is one place you want to be.

You’ll also be privileged to enjoy meals from different cultures. Whether you like the French Pot au feu, the Italian Risi e Bisi or the  Philippine’s native recipes, you have the wide choice to make your honeymoon the best of all the holidays you ever knew.

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