Tips on Dealing with Relationship Misunderstandings

Relationship misunderstandings not only cause couples heartache but are obvious recipe for splits and breakups. It’s not strange for people to disagree in relationships. What counts is the way you’ll handle such misunderstandings when they happen.

Some couples have adopted superb mechanisms of averting or resolving differences of opinion in relationships. Others give in and look for easy exit – like withdrawing, giving each other silence treatment or even resorting to fights.

Below are some of the things you need to put into considerations when handling relationship misunderstandings.

Know the root cause of your Relationship Misunderstandings

For a couple that has big dreams ahead – a life to live, kids to raise and investments to govern, there is no better way than doing whatever it takes to bring their relationship back on course. The first step towards finding solutions to problems we all face in life is by identifying the genesis of our disagreement.

No problem will be solved by shouting the loudest or even agonizing alone in silence. Such shouting or treating each other to silence are side shows that only widen the gap of your relationship misunderstandings.

Listen and be open to new Ideas

The best way to approach a problem in a relationship is by being open minded, even when you are deeply convinced that the other person is the one in the wrong. Unless you allow the ‘coin’ to turn the other side, you may not be acquainted with the allure of the emblem underneath.

Give the other person a chance to talk as you listen without jumping into conclusions or unnecessarily interjecting as they speak. This would only raise temperatures and fuel the existing argument. Men have been accused of being poor listeners when it comes to resolving misunderstandings in relationships.

Ladies say that guys don’t listen and that they are always in a hurry to provide solutions. Well, while by nature men are made to lead – and that’s why they are swift to point to the end result, women on the other hand are made to nurture. That’s why they don’t necessarily want a quick fix. They want to have a good moment to analyze an issue before moving to the next thing.

Guys, she doesn’t want your attention because she’s desperate for a solution. She could deal with it if she wanted. She just wants you to look up and listen.

Be Willing to Step out of Your Comfort Zone

When you feel like you have all the supporting facts about an issue causing a relationship misunderstanding, you feel good having the upper hand against your partner. There is that comfort you enjoy when he or she is stuck on the defensive while you continue firing the offensives. This is where many couples make or break their relationships.

In self justification, it’s easy to stand your ground and fight towards winning an argument instead of routing for resolve. Stepping out of your comfort zone may not be the easiest thing but it may just be the only thing remaining to save your relationship from misunderstanding.

If you have tried all you could and nothing seems to help, you may want to contact a relationship counselor near you or seek online relationship counseling.

Have you ever been involved in a misunderstanding that almost brought down your marriage or relationship? Be free to share with our readers how you overcame in a short comment below.


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