Overcoming Sudden Repulsion Syndrome (SRS) in Dating

Nothing is comparable to the joy of dating a guy or a girl you’ve always dreamed about. But that joy can immediately be cut short by a common condition known as SRS – Sudden Repulsion Syndrome or Sudden Revulsion Syndrome. Love literally evaporates in the thin air and you begin to ‘feel sick’ of a man or a woman you thought was going to be both the moon and the stars of your life. It’s quite normal, for instance, for ladies to lay down the requirements of what they are looking for in a man. And the said lists can be endless, depending on one’s expectations. While it’s alright to list down your wishes, like desiring to date a guy with a good job, someone driving his own and not his mother’s car, tall (specifically American height) a six-pack and so on, it is one thing to fall in love and another to keep it going. And the most testing moment is when out of the blue you fall into the whim of a dating SRS.

Overcoming Sudden Repulsion Syndrome
Sudden Repulsion Syndrome in Dating

Sudden Repulsion Syndrome in dating doesn’t have to be caused by weighty relationship matters such as cheating or promiscuity. It could even be the way he walks, the way he smiles or even the way he smells. You suddenly begin to avoid the company of a guy you all the time felt proud about. You go ahead to delete his contacts from your phone book and block or unfriend him from your Facebook friends’ list. You don’t want to answer his calls or even to hear his name being mentioned. And you even begin to apportion blame to yourself that you’d gone that low to fall for him. If you ever felt like that in your relationship, and there wasn’t anything serious your partner had done against you, then you might have been hit by dating Sudden Repulsion Syndrome.

While I agree that some levels of Sudden Repulsion Syndrome in dating may not be reversed, I’m upbeat that you can easily avert this condition from stealing the dreams you and your partner have together. One of the causes of dating SRS is getting into a relationship with very high expectations. There is nothing wrong in dreaming big about the guy you want to live together with for the rest of your life. But you’ll be doing yourself a lot of favor in lowering your expectation and always giving room for the other person to grow to the levels of your aspiration.

If however you feel that this has gone too far and that nothing is going to repair your relationship from the effects of Sudden Revulsion Syndrome, it’s advisable to stop seeing each other. There is no wisdom in forcing yourselves into a strenuous relationship. This can easily be done when a dating couple has not gone too far with their plans or when they can easily open their hearts for each other and be willing to resolve their problems.

Have you ever been in a relationship where Sudden Repulsion Syndrome descended on you and you couldn’t take it anymore? Or were you able to hang on there? We’d appreciate hearing from you. Feel free to share your experience with other readers by posting a short response below.



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One Thought to “Overcoming Sudden Repulsion Syndrome (SRS) in Dating

  1. Jørgen

    I have been with around 50 girls since I was 16. When i was about 18 I noticed this pattern of intense love turning into disgust and asked a professional about it; “you will grow out of it. It’s just immaturity”. Nope. Unfixable. And I have realised I will be the lonely hunter for the rest of my life. It’s sad really.

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