New study shows women reluctant to Wed and Divorce rate slowing down.

A study just released shows that almost half of all women between ages of 25 and 29 have never been married, an increase by a quarter of the same age group 23 years ago.

The research shows change in the rising median age of first marriages, which rose from 23 for men and 20 for women in 1950 to 28 for men and 26 for women in 2009 an indication that people are either becoming more careful to enter into marriage than before or the increased demands of life are forcing them to wait a little longer.

All the same a delay for such a couple of years allows the first time young men and women to mature and become more responsible in marriage. No wonder the study shows that divorce rates have gone down significantly. In 2009 about 35 % of women, 40 to 49 had divorced, shows study, down from 40 % in 1996.

See full study report

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