4 Reasons You Need a Marriage Therapist

Honestly speaking, nobody commits themselves to marriage or a relationship knowing they are going to experience any problems ahead. But it’s a hard reality that a huge percentage of couples find themselves in difficult moments later in marriage. Although not all marriage problems require the attention of a marriage therapist, there are levels of stand offs that a couple may not be able to overcome by themselves requiring help from a trained therapist.

Below are some of the common indications that you may be requiring the assistance of a trained and skillful marriage counselor.

1. There are things you want to overcome yet you Can’t

Whenever a problem occurs, one or both members of a couple may be in the wrong, feel guilty about it and even admit that they were wrong. The problem is when they try to overcome and realize that they are tied up by the same old patterns. That being the case, a couple ought to rise above self confidence and seek the help of a marriage counselor.

2. If you find that you are constantly quarreling with your spouse, sometimes before kids or even in public

Misunderstandings happen all the time between couples and you shouldn’t give up on your relationship just because there are things you can’t agree with your spouse. You may want to book an appointment with a certain marriage therapist within your area so that he or she may help you overcome any existing conflicts. Better still, there are numerous online counseling services and you can even decide whether you want to go for paid or free counseling. The fact is when you are paying you are assured of exceptional services.

3. You Need a Marriage Therapist if Arguments lead to physical fights

Violence in marriage is one of the leading causes for separation and divorce. If you’ve been in verbal fights for a long time, and you constantly shout at each other or physically fight to settle your differences, then you need to see a marriage therapist.

4. If there are incidences that make you live under constant stress

There are many things that can make one or both of you to suffer stress. Unfaithfulness in marriage is one thing that can cause unending distress in a marriage. A situation where one member loses his or her job can be very distressing.

Although you may feel like you’ll overcome these unpleasant incidents by yourselves, it’s advisable to seek marital counseling so that happiness is restored in your marriage. Death of a loved one either in your immediate family or someone you were close to in the extended family could also be a source of relationship distress. Get to find a marriage counseling firm around or online for the restoration of your relationship.

Since you value your marriage and you don’t want it to end up in divorce, you need to keep on monitoring the presence of any of these problems or any other you feel may feel requires the assistance of a counselor. You definitely want to build a strong bond and a skilled therapist will be in a position to help you move from any negative perspectives and many marriage pitfalls a lot of couples are experiencing in today’s world.

Although solving your own problems is the most respectable thing you can do to yourselves, there comes a time when you feel you shouldn’t wait any longer. It’s therefore important to pay attention to such instincts so that you may save your marriage before things get out of hands.

Statistics indicate that 75% of couples who go for marriage therapy are better than those who don’t receive any therapy and 65% say that they have significant improvement based on the scores of what would be termed as marital satisfaction.


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