Most Preferred Honeymoon Destinations in South Africa

South Africa is one of the top most romantic destinations for honeymoons, and most newly wedded couples like it. It offers privacy and solitude for couples seeking the same, after a period of hassles during wedding preparations. It’s also famous for a wide range of options for couples, for instance, those seeking luxury, safari adventures and beach honeymoon. South Africa’s Pezula, Hotel and Spa is Africa’s leading resort. Couples can visit this resort to enjoy its beautiful beaches, luxurious sites and in addition relaxing and soothing massage in the spas.

For couples who are after luxury for a honeymoon with extreme privacy and enjoyment,  South Africa offers several hotels for example in Cape Town, the Mount Nelson Hotels, which offer a breathtaking site of the Table Mountains. The hotels have luxurious romantic rooms as well as fulltime room service, which is very inviting and exciting too. They also have environment suitable for quiet, uninterrupted picnics for a couple during their honeymoon. In addition, the hotels’ rooms are well air conditioned offering bed and breakfast accommodation. Resorts such as Knysna have boutique shopping malls where couples can shop for wide range of items, wine tasting and award winning restaurant which may be exciting for couples to try out.

There are couples who find honeymoon in a beach resort thrilling and memorable. For such, the beautiful beach resorts in South Africa would be ideal. These beaches give more than one can expect allowing a couple privacy and ultimate fun during their honeymoon. Such resorts include the Blue Flag Beaches and the Robbery 5 beach. Couples can engage in activities such as swimming, sunbathing, jet skiing, whale watching, kite surfing and hiking among other exciting activities which are in the extensive beaches. The beach resort offer well furnished hotels with a wide view of the clear waters making the honeymoon even more romantic. If you have a wedding coming soon, and you are wondering where to spend your honeymoon, then this is the place to be.

Safari honeymoon is one of the memorable ways of spending a honeymoon by a newlywed couple. South Africa is also well endowed with national parks and wilderness exploration for couples with such interests. These include the Table Mount National Park among others. They are ideal for a couple to relax in bush camps providing sense of peace and exploration. Safari lodges for accommodation are available, grass thatched and tacked away in the trees allowing thrilling and a sensuous experience for the couple enjoying their honeymoon. South Africa has all that a couple would require to make their honeymoon as memorable, exciting and romantic as they desire


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