Most Memorable Wedding Entrance Songs

Choosing a song a song for your wedding entrance can be confusing, especially for those who are keen on quality and well sort music. But it’s important that you take your time for a great entrance will be determined by among other things the song you have picked. So as the guests wait standing to receive you to your wedding venue, being walked down the aisle by your beloved dad, or whoever you’ll prefer, you need to have a great song that will perfectly complement your wedding mood as well as be a great entertainment to your gathered guests.

As you choose your processional song, you need to have an open mind and go for a piece of music that evokes some memories, may be about you the groom or an event about your family members attending your wedding. A good example of a great entrance song I have ever thought about is Chi il bel Sogno di Doretta played during the wedding of Lauren and Ben. Lauren admitted that the song played in a ceremony held at her home was so charming, describing the whole entrance as magical, essentially being a piece of music that best evoked and made fond the memories of their love.

Another awesome song you may want to pick for your wedding entrance would have to be Soon done by my bloody Valentine. The awe-inspiring song was played so wonderfully in a real wedding between Mara and Max. One thing was clear as Mara freely shed the tears of joy as she amid the chords of the song remembered the relationship she had been sharing with her lover, Max.

You may also remember Kate Middleton’s choice of Trumpet Voluntary. Fond memories were shared between both the bride and the groom as the same song was played during the entrance of princess Diana on her wedding with prince Charles, back in 1981. Another great real wedding song I bet you may want to choose would have to be Someone like you by Jekyll and Hide played with terrific proficiency on the wedding of Marissa and Josh. And you can be sure your wedding will never lack the pomp and of course the class you’d want to keep.

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