Most Creative Tips on Wedding Photography

Wedding photography comes with a lot of challenges and responsibilities to you as a photographer. And it is important for you as a professional photographer to know how to go about it. A lot of skills are required in this task and it would be very risky to handle a photo shooting session alone if you are not wholly competent. Before taking this risk it is important to do it with other professionals and learn a few tips from them. Gain a little experience before hitting it all alone.

There is a lot to be covered in wedding photography. Once a couple has hired you as their wedding photographer, you should do whatever it takes to ensure that you do a recommendable job. You should first create a shot list which is a roll of all the captures you are expected to make. This will avoid leaving out some very important personalities that the couple would want featured in their wedding photos.

Photography preparation is the key to ensuring things run well even in the case of crisis. As a photographer, be prepared as things can go wrong such as unexpected weather change, which would call for a backup plan. Ensure that batteries are fully charged. Memory cards should be checked to ensure they are empty and if possible, attend wedding rehearsals to have an idea on the different places to shoot from.

It is also important to discuss the expectations of the day with the couple. Let them tell you what they intend to achieve, the number of shots, what and who they want captured. Also discuss the amount for which they are hiring you. This will reduce controversies with the couple after the occasion. Make sure all different views are settled before hand. If possible you should have a family photo coordinator. This can be a member of either families and will be charged with organizing and gathering family members for the family photo as you may not recognize all family members.

Some things such as backs of dresses, shoes, flowers or table arrangement may look unimportant but these should actually not be missed out. Things may go wrong during the ceremony such as the bride being late, disappearance of the rings, bride forgetting her vows and such events should not be missed out too. They sum up the day quite well and make it even more memorable.

Have an extra camera with a different lens. This will bring diversity in your photos. It is also important to consider having a second photographer with you. This will be an added advantage as he can take shots of the small details while you focus on the main event details. Be a good timer and avoid missing out some important moments such as the kiss after the vows as well as ensuring your positioning is right so you don’t obstruct the rest of the viewers.



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