Most Common Signs Your Relationship is Breaking up

Breaking up with the person you love can be disheartening. Many couples find themselves in pain on losing relationships and wish they could have known how to stay away from the things that contributed to their breaking up. Here are some of the most common signs that contribute to breaking up.

Dwindled love

If you gradually begin to lack passion in the person you have always wanted to be close to and you begin to grow cold in love, your relationship might be under attack. No more hugs, no more kisses and no more of  resting your head on his chest when he sits at his usual coach. You realize that the deep romantic feelings you used to have for him or her are no more.  Your relationship is easily sliding into a breakup.

Fading trust

You begin to lose trust with your partner. You no longer entrust them with your bank account or handling any finances, may be because of what happened in the past. You feel he or she is out to take advantage of you and you’d better manage your own money.


You and your partner are beginning to disagree and your arguments mostly end up in fights. There are even times you have disagreed and have had to fight in public.You get into a shopping mall and disagree on what to buy or what not to buy. And you can’t help having brawls even in front of the supermarket attendants. You are likely to be breaking up soon.

No Communication

You no longer sit to plan for the future and you rarely communicate your plans to each other. Sometimes you have done a redundant shopping just because you wouldn’t sit together to make a family budget, leading to a needless waste.

Breaking up is the last thing you want to happen in your relationship. You need to take a stock on your relationship and see if you could be stuck in any of the above issues. If you truly find that you are struggling and you want to avert break up, then you need to take the initiative to save your marriage or relationship. If both of you cannot agree on the way forward, you may want to seek the services of a professional marriage counselor or your local church minister.

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