5 Reasons He Might not Propose After all.

When this guy approached you and your friendship kept growing day by day, you felt that he might be the guy of your dreams. The only confusing part in your relationship is that he still plays his cards close to his chest and you are wondering whether you should wait for eternity for him to pose the question or whether you should keep your options open. Life is not static and you definitely don’t want to waste any of your precious time. Here are some of the reasons why your boyfriend might not propose marriage to you after all.

How much is he in need of You?

There is no doubt as to whether he is indeed in love with you. The fact that he’s been seeing you for a while is a positive indication of the feelings he holds towards you. But might he be cynical about the value you are going to add to his life? Modern relationships are about couples supporting each other. You don’t have to be a millionaire heiress but your boyfriend may prefer you to be financially independent.

Does he also feel that you are going to be more of a liability than being valuable to his life once you move in together? How much, for instance, do you owe your bank? Do you have a kid or kids fathered elsewhere that you want to be a part of his responsibility. If one or more similar elements characterize the kind of a life you want to introduce to your boyfriend then you need to answer the question – how much does he need me? And this might shed the light as to why he’s taking his time before proposing marriage.

Have you Ceded all your Ground?

I recently talked to someone who was concerned that her boyfriend needed a break. On asking her a few questions, she told me that they’d been living together, got a kid and did everything else as a married couple, including cooking together and sharing bills. Now, if you’ve already moved in to his house and you’ve already taken your position as a wife, why do you still want him to propose to you? He’s already got what would have propelled him to pose the question or even go out shopping for an engagement ring.

How has he been Introducing you to his Family and Friends?

You may have enjoyed ample time together, sometimes going out over a weekend or even joining him during his company’s dinners or even your mutual friends’ events. But you are getting worried that he keeps on putting off the idea of meeting his parents, relatives or some very close friends. If he also doesn’t take pride in introducing you to his friends or colleagues as his girlfriend, you might just be a mere companion, and this might break your heart when he eventually fails to propose marriage to you.

Do you Complement Him?

Before a guy makes up his mind for an engagement, he wants to feel that your presence more complements rather than combats him. No guy is going to bend one of his knees before a woman who’s always quarreling, nagging or ever looking for an opportunity to think or act differently, unless he doesn’t care about his dreams.

He Might not Propose if he ever told you that he won’t get Married

May be he has ever mentioned to you that he’s not ready for marriage now or that he wouldn’t want to marry at all. You thought he would later change his mind and marry you and that’s why you have stuck with him all this time. He probably ridicules those who are married, saying that they lack freedom. He might not propose marriage to you, the number of years you abide by him notwithstanding.



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