Men value food and sleep as much as sex, study shows

The ball resting firmly on the shoulders of men has more things to think about than just sex. For a long time men’s brain was thought to be nothing much but a pot of sex archives that rewinds to think about sex every 10 seconds. But thanks to the survey carried out recently and reported on the daily news that men do not just think about sex but they also concentrate on other health related issues. The research was conducted at Ohio State University and sampled 283 college students, 163 women and 120 men.

It was revealed that men think about sex 18 times a day and women 10 times a day. But it was also found that men thought about other health related issues like sleep and food more than women.

Whether these findings are bound to attract some criticism, given that they were sampled on students who were likely to get more hungry and sleepy than men in other age groups and set ups, it comes as a relief that men are not just sex robots as they have been thought to be.

This echoes the words of that old adage that the way to a man’s heart is his stomach and not where many people have suggested.



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