Marriage Proposal Ideas “Live Lip Dub” video

Talk of being inventive when it comes to marriage proposal ideas and Isaac Lamb comes top on the list. The Oregon actor took the world by a resounding storm when he planned to propose to his fiancée, Amy Frankel with a well orchestrated video that he called “live lip dub” based on Mars’ Doo Wops & Hooligans tune, “Marry You.”

The idea was not only creative but also so inspiring that even Bruno Mars had to give it a nod, saying it all in update on his tweeter status, “Congrats to Isaac and the future Mrs… I don’t think I could have made a better music video for the song”.

You’d definitely want to sit back and watch one of the most rousing and romantic choreographies, that Lamb described as a “live lip dub”. The dramatic marriage proposal begins with Amy reclining at the back of an open CRV in headphones, humming to the tunes of Mars song.

A well organized video, now widely referred to as the live lip dub features over 60 couples, friends and a marching band that performs in front of the car as it’s driven slowly in the streets. Then comes the most dramatic moment as Lamb steps forward, amidst the sweet lyrics and goes down on one knee in front of his fiancée, Amy Frankel.

May be you want to pull off some dramatic proposal like this celebrated couple when the time comes to propose to that special someone, or even something bigger and unanticipated. Do it. After all, she shouldn’t predict all you want to do in your proposal.

Whether you’d want to do it like Isaac Lamb and Amy Frankel did in live lip dub video or your own special way, remember to keep it as enjoyable as possible. Never give up even if she doesn’t say yes on that day. In any case you’ll have proved a point, wont you?

What do you think of such marriage  proposal ideas? Would you do it that way? Have your say by posting your comments below.


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