Luck or Strategy for Women Who Date Wealthy Men?

Pippa and Alex Loudon at Wimbledon in June

Defining dating for love or dating for money is getting more and more complex with time, as most women want to date men with fat wallets and classy. Although love should be the best catalyst for a blissful relationship, it’s no secret that dating a wealthy guy is starting your future life with the right direction.

Most women in the dating arena are not just interested in a guy to provide a husband figure but one who can also be a symbol of success, financial security and a fulfilled wealthy life. It may not be a coincidence for instance that Kate Middleton who recently secured the future king of England and her sister Pippa Middleton, always seen with classy guys represent well calculated dating strategies. On her part, Pippa dated the British top cream during her college days. She has also dated guys like Alex Loudon, the rich business man and a former cricket player.

Of course dating is a matter of choice, and not everyone will be lucky to date a wealthy guy but you have the discretion to balance between love and financial success. All said the best success is when both of you can live happily ever after. So what do you do if you don’t have dreams of dollars when you dream with your guy or you can’t see dollar symbols in him. Do you quit and look for a guy with a name and money?

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