Knowing when it’s Acceptable to Touch Her in Public

Touching or hugging a girlfriend boyfriend or a spouse in public is a remarkable way to express affection. But not all people are comfortable being touched in public, leave alone being hugged. This may depend on the way a particular person was raised, the exposure in expression of love in public places or one’s personal preferences.

Although being touched by the person you love is a good thing, there has been dissent voices, mostly by women as they complain of their boyfriends grabby hands. A boyfriend with a high level of public display of affection (PDA) may always want to put his hands on his girlfriend as they walk in the streets or when commuting by public means. Some can’t help it as they do window shopping in the shopping malls, bookstores or when they casually sit for coffee at some romantic coffee joints.

But should you be concerned whether or not your spouse, boyfriend or girlfriend is comfortable with your wandering hand? Yes you should. Love is gentle and not self seeking. You may be doing it out of good intentions or wanting to prove to the public how much you love her. But if she is not comfortable with your affectionate expressions, then you need to think of better ways of showing her how much you love her.

On the other hand you should be gradual in touching your girlfriend in public. You may want to begin with some great acts of etiquette, like helping her alight from the bus or supporting her as you climb the stairs. With time it wont be strange to liberally hold her hands or give a passionate kiss inside the elevator. Only be progressive. You don’t want to grab her suddenly or she’ll think you are unreasonably all over her. She shouldn’t think that your are grabby hands are always on her because you are feeling insecure.

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