Jealousy in a Relationship: How to stop the dog from enjoying all His attention

Jealousy is one common evil and a leading cause of break ups in most of todays relationships. It’s the oldest recorded cause of murder as it made Cain of the Bible to ruthlessly take the life of his brother Abel. Marital love is so jealous and self-centered that no one wants his partner to appear like he or she is sharing it with anyone else. To some extent, even giving more attention to a dog, job, game or a computer than one’s spouse, boyfriend or girlfriend can trigger the bitter feelings of jealousy. But whether he is overly attached to his mother, spending too much time tending the dog or giving much attention to his buddies, the bottom line is balancing between his selfishness and your jealousy.

Identifying the causes of jealousy in relationships can help partners to quickly resolve their jealous-related problems. Here are some of the issues that can promote jealousy in marital relationships.


Partners who feel insecure in certain fields are likely to suffer from jealousy, especially if the other partner keeps adoring their superior abilities or achievements. If one party is forced to appear inferior in certain areas, he or she may knowingly or unknowingly hoard negative feelings, which time and again lead to outbursts of jealousy.

Lost trust.

Loss of trust breeds suspicion. If you have lost trust in your spouse or a dating friend, you are likely to feel jealous any time you suspect they are involved in incidents that made you lose confidence in them. For instance if your trust was lost by realizing that your husband spends money secretly on his relatives, you are likely to burn with jealousy any time he is meeting them.


Cheating is a top driver of conflicts in many relationships. The sex act also known as coitus, translated from the original Greek word Koite, means the implanting of the male sperm in the female. It’s a jealously guarded act that fights ‘implanting’ by straying intruders.

Deviated attention.

Marital love is so jealous that it lives to fight for attention. A new baby robs the husband of all the attention he has been enjoying and comes to feed from the breasts he caressed and fancied in. A newly acquired puppy may rob the wife all the attention, just like a job, friends or in-laws would do.

Having established the cause of jealousy within a relationship, the best thing is to look for the best forums to engage your partner for a possible resolution. If there are issues that both of you feel are the real causes of jealousy you can either do without them or fix them.

There is nothing wrong for example, with helping your relatives but it’s wrong not to involve your spouse, even if you don’t need his or her resources to do so.

Being faithful and creative for intimacy with ones spouse creates friendship and puts away suspicion. Let your partner understand your feelings with love.

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