Diamond Engagement Ring she’ll live to Cherish

You have taken your time in dating your girlfriend and you now feel she’s ready for the next step – engagement. There you are. This is one moment every guy longs for – and ladies crave for it too. But you feel that you don’t want to affirm your love to her customarily. You want to do it at an exceptional setting and most of all with a unique diamond engagement ring.

An alluring ring does not necessarily have to mean spending a fortune. But if money is not your problem, why don’t you go ahead and pull off an exclusive engagement ring. After all, she’s the only woman in your life. If a classy ring will make her happy, and it definitely will, then why not get it for her. Here are some of the most irresistible engagement rings that you need to consider, just to let your girlfriend know how much you treasure her.

Facets of Fire ¼ Carat Princess-Cut Solitaire Diamond Engagement Ring

If you want to pop the question with a sparkling, yet affordable ring, then you are home with this classic design. There is that time you want your gesture to precisely represent your words. And this princess-Cut diamond engagement ring won’t disappoint.

Talk of superior craftsmanship and this is what Facets of Fire Solitaire engagement ring stands for. She’ll definitely like the great features such as the sparkling princess cut diamond layered in a 10kt white gold ring. And the price is just perfect for someone not looking to spend much on an engagement ring. If your budget is somewhere about $350 then this is a perfect choice for you.

1 CT Diamond 3 Stone Framed Ring of 14k White Gold.

How else would you let her know the feelings you hold for her if not with such an irresistible three stoned diamond engagement ring. This is a kind that is not only amazing in the way it’s crafted. It’s also symbolic in the sense that the three round diamonds will always embody the adventures you have gone through together so far the loving moment you are enjoying now and thirdly the beauty that lies ahead in your future life together. The magnificence of the 14K white gold setting from Zales sums it up all and you can rest assured this will be a gesture she’ll live to cherish.

Masterwork Engagement Ring


Diamond Engagement Ring
Masterwork Engagement Ring

If you are keen about elegance and you are prepared to go an extra mile in spending what’s worth the love of your fiancée, then you can consider the alluring Masterwork diamond engagement ring. The prong set round cut center stone with blue sapphire side stones, artfully bordered with micropave diamonds and a classic knife edge shank might just be what you need. Masterwork engagement ring is 81 ctw weight -without including the center stone and 18K white gold.

Indeed, you can settle for any of these engagement rings and their features represent what a modern woman want to see in an chic engagement ring. Whether you want a ring to propose marriage with or even to celebrate your anniversary, you can be sure your fiancée or spouse will live to appreciate your efforts and sacrifice. Be sure to go for an engagement ring that appeals to you most and the one that meets your budget.



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