5 Things to do Immediately After Proposal

When you and your long term boyfriend are sharing some quality time and he suddenly decides to pop up the question, there are some essential things you need to do right after proposal. Such are the long awaited moments in life and have surely come. The best thing to do is to own the proposal by taking some awesome steps to change your once dream into a reality.


Things to do After Proposal
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1. Share the news of the proposal

A proposal is good news to everyone and you ought not to keep it closed to yourself. Share it with the world – if you can with a remarkable attitude. This is the part that makes you feel the real meaning of the proposal bringing with it extreme excitement. Talking about it with people close at heart makes you realize how far your relationship has gone and the level of maturity it has attained. However, the means you use to convey the message to your peers and other people in your life depends on your personality.

If you are a social media junky and your husband to-be also is or your friends happen to be living far away, Facebook be the magic you need. If you still hold onto your customs, and everyone does to a certain level, then one on one talk with your family and friends would be a respectful gesture. If you are talkative chirp, then phone calls would be good for you as you will enjoy expressing what you really feel.

2. Plan to Re-size and Insure your ring

Your engagement ring may be perfect but still needs resizing and you may find it either too tight or a bit loose. This is important as everyone will be dying to see your engagement ring and of course you wouldn’t want to lose it as soon as you get it.

Nothing can replace the sentimental meaning of your ring but somehow you can recover the money its worth if insured and possibly can get a new ring. In this case, if you already have home owners’ or renter’s insurance then you can add the ring to your policy through an official appraisal. That way, you can replace your ring without having to worry about the cost.

3. Engagement party and pictures

No one on earth would want to watch such a moment pass by without doing something commemorative to mark it. Engagement is such a big thing you can involve your friends and family in celebrating as you prepare to take the next step in life. Inviting them, sharing a toast, hugging, congratulating you and wishing you well would definitely make all of you happy.

You wouldn’t spend much planning such a party as it’s not as hectic as a wedding but meant to share the joy, at the same time making it memorable. This is when you take lots of pictures together reflecting the glow in your hearts and you can be sure to smile every time you look at them even after days are long gone.

4. Consider Wedding Arrangements After Proposal

After proposal news are out there, people will consistently be asking for the wedding date hence you need to set a date with your fiancé. You can then get lots of wedding magazines to inspire you and equip you with relevant ideas on how to plan your wedding.

You can also start a wedding blog after proposal excitement settles down, update your information and involve other people.  After proposal, it’s the perfect time to get a wedding planner and have with you the lists of guests expected to come for your wedding for proper wedding planning. You also need to open a wedding savings account and let the money accumulate in preparation for the big day. Click here to get a free domain name for your blog

5. Plan some time for just you and Him

After everything is done, you need to set some time to chill out and relax with your fiancé. You can take a weekend out, have some fun and enjoy as such moments come once in a lifetime.




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