If you Must Dump Your Girlfriend; Save Her the Pain

There comes a time when love is no longer in the air and a break up with your girlfriend seems inevitable. You feel fed up and you want nothing to do with her, even though she has vowed to stay with you. But you’re really determined and you want to go ahead and dump her. You can do one thing – save her the heart-ache.  

Whether you are ending this relationship to have space to date another woman or just feel you need to move on with life alone, (at least for now) it’s only humane to reserve some courtesy as you break the news to your girlfriend. You may be the one to be dumped next time and you wouldn’t want to be laying a bad precedence.

As you get ready to break the news to your girlfriend that you are dumping her there are a few things you’d want to put in considerations. Break ups are mostly followed with regrettable, heart-breaking emotions. And this may even lead to some depressive conditions, badly affecting the life of your ex-girlfriend.

You’ll have done well to prepare your girlfriend that you intend to end your relationship. Depending on her understanding and the issues that are driving your break up, both of you may resolve to end your relationship amicably. Ending a relationship doesn’t have to be nasty.

Even if you don’t want diplomacy in breaking your relationship, you shouldn’t break the news to your girlfriend in her office. The last thing you want to do is to cause her embarrassment. Engagement would be great in the presence of her work mates but not a break up. She would need some privacy to console herself and cry out the tears of the break up pains.

It’s wise not to involve another woman in breaking the news of break up to your girlfriend. You may be feeling fed up with her and you really want her to know that you are already in a new relationship, but that will breed jealousy and hatred between the two women and they might end up embarrassing you on your most important anniversary. Don’t put your new girlfriend on the line to break the news to the one you are breaking with. Be a man enough and do it if you must do it on phone.

Don’t leave her in desperation. So you are flying out of the country and your girlfriend has shown up to bid you good-bye at the national airport. Before you are swallowed up by the departure doors, you decide to break the news that you are no longer interested in her. Gosh! And you disappear leaving her dumbfounded, because you must catch up with the flight schedule.

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