Ideas on Planning a Gold Themed Wedding

A gold inspired wedding is unique in that, gold is imperial and that it’s associated with prestige. The fine-looking gold color has a great meaning of wealth and optimism. Gold is also considered as the most luxurious amongst all other metals. What makes gold color even more incredible than anything else is the ability to harmonize with other colors such as the fall theme colors, autumn as well as winter, giving a cozy feeling in your wedding.

All said, there are some rules to observe when incorporating gold with other colors to ensure everything comes out as lovely as intended. You’ve got to put into consideration great ideas and creativity as you choose your color palette. You should factor gold into many aspects using small shades of gold at the same time avoiding too much stress on it so as to give a dramatic impact upon combination with other fine colors.

Gold invitations look really classic due to the sheen and the fact that gold is recognized as a royal shade. With that, it becomes very easy to design a unique wedding invitation since little decoration is needed. Your invitation card can be gold in color and printed in black letters. This would definitely be amusing to your guests.

To make your reception comely, you need to add glamour to it so that you feel fulfilled as you enjoy the delicacies of the day. You would not mind having your chair cushions in gold color fabrics. You can tie an attractive ribbon around each chair or covers with organza sashes, which would make your chairs even prettier. You can consider a brown or black table overlay or an organza table cloth that would also bring out an elegant outlook for reception. You can decorate your table setting by spreading gold confetti all round to bring out that desired magnificent look.

Avoid brilliant colors such as yellow and orange to make gold color outstanding and not to be swallowed up by such screaming colors. For an evening reception you can light up your reception and liven it in a simple manner by using tea lights to sparkle your reception with gold jewelry, shinning in the light to bring out a nice feeling to you and your guests.

Flowers for your gold wedding theme need to match the color palette to complement the look. Choose an array and spray gold paint on them either at the center or at the edges of petals. Alternatively, you can spray on the flower stems and place them in a classy  glass jewel vase filled with water and deep gold crystals in it to glisten it. You can also go for an ivory vase or organza flower vase centerpieces. The bride can hold  yellow flowers or have them on her hair knot.

The bride’s wedding gown for a gold wedding theme can be preferably white and accented with gold beads. Another way to complement the bride’s beauty is by choosing a cream yellow wedding gown or a lemon yellow tone. It would even be lovelier when the bride wears gold jewels and perfectly matching gold shoes.

Appreciate your guests in a way that your wedding will remain memorable by giving them gifts as a simple way of saying ‘thank you’. You can use any colors for the favor wrappings and make them appealing by tying a gold ribbon on each of them. You can also use gold wraps for candies as well as almond favors. Other classy gifts are gold accessories especially for female guests or gold photo frames in swish styles.

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