How to Tell if a Guy is in Love with You

When people say that guys are sophisticated creatures, at some point, yes! Some guys won’t tell you that they are in love with you directly and you might wait until forever to hear the three magic words. And in such an instance, it’s up to you to learn the guy’s behavior so that you can tell if he is really in love with you. Guys have got signs that you can easily observe and know that surely, the guy is in love with you.

There are those little things that guys do and say that convey a message of love and affection. A guy in love might present acts of kindness most of the times. This means that he really cares and that you are always in his mind. For example when he takes you out for lunch on a weekend or brings you flowers at you doorstep is a good sign that his heart is thirsty for love. You may also

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notice that he’s seeking attention and offers to help in some of your duties. For instance, he may want to be the first to help whenever there is something that you’re finding difficult. Then you shouldn’t take for granted the romantic gestures such as visiting you at home and buying you gifts for these are some of the top signs that he really loves you. He may also confess that he really likes you! That simply means he loves you and he might soon be candid to say just that.

When your guy often remembers even the little things you talk about, it’s an indication that he loves you. For instance, when he recalls most of the things about you and what you like most such as your favorite dish, colors, the things you normally say about your family and your workmates then that’s a sign of a guy who is in love with you. It means that he has made a real investment in his head on the things that you value most in life and that you occupy most of his mind.

When a guy is in love with you he gets touchy-feely even without his conscience. Whenever you buy something new like a necklace, he is the first to notice it and runs his fingers around your neck without even knowing it. He won’t cease to approve of it and say that it’s really nice. He will also notice the dress you have worn today and comment about it. He may also comment that he likes your dress code. He tends to be kinder in his words when referring to you unlike when he’s talking about everyone else. You will also find that he likes to hug you rather than shake hands when you meet.

If a guy has put you in a good place in his heart, you can know it when he uses your name for his pet. It’s not normal for a guy to get a name from anyone he meets and goes ahead to use it for his pet. When a guy does this, it means that he really loves you and that’s why he likes it when he christens his pet with your name.

You can also tell that a guy has some romantic interest in you when almost all his friends know you and seem to know a lot about you. It suggests that the guy talks a lot about you to his friends meaning that you are important to him and that gives him the courage to talk about you even to his friends.

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